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Guro applying KDM Joint Lock image
Guro in "On-Guard" stance for single stick
Panantukan Training image - Guro and student
Guro defending with stick

Eskrima Elite:

Eskrima Elite is the full curriculum of the EO Eskrima System.

Training in the Eskrima Elite program involves all styles offered in the EO Curriculum.

  • Dequerdas

  • Siniwallis

  • Largo Mano

  • Kedena de Mano (empty hands)

  • Kedena de Mano (knife)

  • Serrada

  • Espada y Daga

Within these classes we explore the art and apply it to the individual.  This is a ecosystem art where techniques learned in one area will be applied to different tools/styles.  We also explore on the application side the use of techniques, tactics and strategies in both directed and open sparring solutions.  Our aim is to constantly improve, experiment and refine our personal skills and abilities.

This is a LIVING ART!

The typical student can expect 8-10 years of training to complete this curriculum.

Hard sticks, padded sticks and sparring equipment will be necessary further into the curriculum.

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