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Biography/Training History

From the  Instructor:

First and foremost, my goal is to spread the art of Eskrima to as many people as who would have this art be a part of themselves.  I have been a practitioner of this art since 1992 and have never lost my love or fascination for its diversity and effectiveness, and still continue to find new elements of the art and applications of its concepts.  Truly, this is an art that anyone can learn and be effective at and never become bored with.  I want to introduce and share this fabulous experience with you.

I spend time training each and every student, and get to know everyone I train both personally and professionally.  I take a personal interest in the development of every student that trains under me, and has a desire to learn what I have to share.  I practice the “first assumption” with all students…that the individual is an intelligent, motivated and capable individual…and will teach accordingly.  I will give to the student the techniques of Eskrima, along with the theory of how each technique works and why.  What I give is a deeper understanding of how the art works…not a series of motions that “should” work. 

It is my goal to bring the best out of all my students…to give them more than just technique and form, but also style, effectiveness, understanding and confidence.  Class-time is where we not only train, but we better ourselves, support each other, challenge one another, and become skilled.  This art is effective in a myriad of situations and scenarios with simple to complex techniques depending on the practitioner, but most of all it teaches to be adaptive to situations, and to recognize and respond accurately and quickly to threats.  This level of training is what instills confidence in the student and changes their presence. 

- Instructor Chris McWethy

FMA Rankings

1993 - Eskrima training started in the Inayan Training Organization (ITO).

1998 - ITO Instructorship in Siniwallis/Dequerdas

2000 - ITO Instructorship in Kedena de Mano

2001 - IFE Katulungan Instructor Level 6 (Bronze Certificate)

2005 - IFE Katulungan Instructor Level 7 (Silver Certificate)

2005 - IFE Katulungan Instructor Level 8 (Gold Certificate)

2006 - IS3 Instructor Level 1

2007 - IS3 Instructor Level 2

2008 - IS3 Instructor Level 3

2009 - EO Eskrima

Seminar Training

1995 - Inayan Laro Mano - Level One

1995 - Gathering of the Masters - 4-day Intensive

1997 - Gathering of the Masters - 4-day Intensive

1998 - Gathering of the Masters - 4-day Intensive

1999 - Gathering of the Masters - 4-day Intensive

1999 - PSNA Intensive w/GM Mike Inay

2000 - Inayan Serrada Level 1 w/GM Mike Inay

2001 - Kedena de Mano Intensive w/Masirib Guro Steve Klement

2001 - Eskrima Intensive w/Masirib Guro Emanuel Hart

2003 - Inayan Training Camp - 2-day Intensive (IFE)

2004 - Inayan Training Camp - 2-day Intensive (IFE)

2005 - Inayan Training Camp - 2-day Intensive (IFE)

2005 - Inayan Gathering - 4-day Intensive (IFE)

2006 - Inayan Training Camp - 2-day Intensive (IS3)

2007 - Inayan Training Camp - 2-day Intensive (IS3)

2008 - Inayan Training Camp - 2-day Intensive (IS3)

2010 - Chicago Katipunan Gathering

2013 - Friendship Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2013 - QLK Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2014 - Knife One

2014 - Friendship Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2014 - QLK Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2015 - Knife One (Co-Instructor)

2015 - Friendship Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2016 - Knife 101 (formerly Knife One - Co-Instructor)

2016 - Friendship Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2016 - QLK Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2016 - Knife 201 (Practitioner)

2017 - Savat la Rue / FMA Knife Seminar (Practitioner)

2018 - Friendship Seminar (Co-Instructor)

2018 - UKKS Ohana Fall Seminar

2019 - Friendship Seminar (Co-Instructor)

Other Martial Training

1992-1994 - Sho Rei Ryu Karate

1994-1995 - College fencing

1996-2002 - Medieval Armored Combat (Sword/Shield, Long Sword, Dagger, Pole Arm, Spear, 2-Sword, Thrusting Tips)

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