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Filipino Martial Arts - Self-Defense

FMA is a fluid  and dynamic martial art that is trending in both Hollywood and Television as the new "cool art" to go after.  With its rich background in weapons work, its fluid movements, and its reputation for reactive tactics and techniques...this is the "Next Level" of martial arts.

Often thought of as a "stick art" since the rattan stave is the typical practice tool in FMA, it is actually blade oriented as well as empty-handed art.

FMA is a COMPLETE martial art.  While there is a heavy focus on weaponry and its use for offense/defense, there is a very strong empty handed side to the art as well that is very broad in tactics and techniques.

The art immerses the practitioner in weapons ranges of long, medium, and short, as well as with empty hands techniques ranging from long, medium, short, and ground work.

Grounded in reality...focusing on practicality.

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