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Filipino Martial Arts - Self-Defense Solution

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"Everything is permitted...Nothing is forbidden"

If it works...use it.  Nothing functional or practical should be discarded.

This is a core concept of use every advantage available for survival.

"Study Counter Violence"

We make a study of violence not to become violent people or practitioners,

but to recognize and react when violent actions happen.

"A wholistic Art.  Flexible concepts adaptable to anything"


FMA has driving concepts that can be applied to different tools and uses.

Learn one concept and it applies to multiple tools...multiplying your knowledge.

"It's like playing chess...on a really fast and wicked level"


Technique, tactic, strategy...mixed with feint and misdirection,

bait & trap, range and position, and using/manipulating psychology.


"Deceptively empowering!  Anyone can learn this!"


The idea that only the most physically fit will be good at

martial arts is a myth.  This art levels the playing field.

"Make the Art you Own"


Everyone has different capabilities...strengths...weaknesses.

This Art is flexible allowing each practitioner to  learn everything,

but gravitate towards what works for them.


I can't recommend this art and instructor enough. This is real life, results-based martial arts taught by an expert with over twenty years of experience and a knack for explaining concepts. I've been training with him for over eight years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. If you want to learn how to defend yourself with anything - literally anything, from your empty hands to a stick to the belt around your waist - you can't find a better art or instructor.

Aimee K.

Minneapolis, MN

The class is taught by Mr.Chris McWethy, who has been teaching Eskrima for over twenty years. Mr. McWethy is an excellent instructor. You will learn which techniques are effective or not effective, and why. Every class starts with warm-up exercises and stretching to get you in shape and to prevent injury. You will learn how to effectively punch and kick, as well as how to defend yourself with various weapons. You will achieve better overall physical conditioning and confidence. Classes are always conducted with safety as the first priority.

Mark P.

Minnetonka, MN

Chris is a great eskirma instructor!  The class teaches very practical self defense with an atmosphere that does not feel militant.  I always felt welcome and that my time spent in class was worthwhile.  Chris is great at knowing when and how to push you a student (in a meaningful or positive way). If you are looking for a martial art that is fictional in a modern context, provides a workout for your mind & body, and does not subscribe to the "McDojo" system of martial arts, then this is worth your time.

Matthew J.

Minneapolis, MN

Let me begin telling you of my experience with EO Eskrima, as it is not just any other martial arts.  It is a living art consisting of concepts, Filipino fighting philosophy, and of course its combat practicality adapting to all movement of fighting.  Understanding how I moved in relation to my opponent gave me a better advantage in this fighting art, flowing and playing with energy, as if combat survival is automatic, instinctively instill within me.  

Adaptation in fighting is the key concept of EO Eskrima, as all practitioners have different body types, moving in our own unique way in the way we defend and attack.  This concept allowed me to make the art my own, giving me practical chance of survival in any combat.  

Survival in combat is the essence of EO Eskrima, enhancing the warrior's spirit within each student, connecting ancient warriors and today's modern practitioners, in their pursuit of the art.  To borrow Guro Inosanto's words, "the road in martial arts is long, some are ahead,  some are in the middle and with some behind, what matters is that we are all in the same road." EO Eskrima is where the road leads to, but most of all, our journey towards the end is what truly matters.

Dave Rada

Dave R.

London, UK

I am beyond fortunate to have studied under EO Eskrima's insightful founder, Chris McWethy. Over seven years, I was guided to test my intellectual, physical, and personal limits on the mat. This practice has given me far more than just a rank. I was given a combat tested skillset, access to a supportive community, and a strategic mindset that extends well beyond weapons and fists. The skillset you will learn pertains to an assortment of armed and unarmed techniques, all battle-forged in the Philippines. The community will support the excellence of every practitioner in a realistic and respectful environment. The mindset you can achieve will be forged from a combination of knowledge, skill, and ultimately, application. If you aspire for these rewards, then I heartily recommend EO Eskrima and Chris McWethy.

Erik I.

Minneapolis, MN

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